Flint Hill UMC exists to be a lighthouse and life saving station in order to make disciples for Jesus Christ through Outreach, Witness and Nurture.
Flint Hill Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020
A United Methodist Congregation

Church History

In 1851 Flint Hill United Methodist Church was founded by 13 charter members.  Their names were Bill and Cynthia Middleton, Frances Stowe, Isaac Stowe and wife, Tom Kimbrough and wife, Bill Locke and wife Melinda, Elzebury Gunn and wife, and Wayne Scott and wife.  The war of 1812 was still a living memory, the Creek Indian removal was only 20 years in the past.  In the midst of new settlements and rugged living conditions, these people felt called by God to begin a ministry for the people who were settling in Tallapoosa County.  The original building is said to have been burned due to a small pox epidemic.  After the church had to be burned, services were held in the school building until a new church could be built.  Loren Flourney was one of the leaders in the rebuilding of the church.  The first organized singings were started in 1865 and the Women’s Missionary Society was organized in 1934.


In 1952, a building fund was started as the congregation planned to construct a new church.  Plans for the new building were greatly accelerated when the church was completely destroyed by fire on January 24, 1955.  In only three months, the members of Flint Hill were meeting in the basement of the new church.  The new church was dedicated on December 1, 1957.  Construction on the education building was begun on May 4, 1959.


A recent addition of offices and remodeling of the front of the sanctuary in the year 2000 provides facilities for worship, study, and fellowship for our congregation.  Flint Hill members continue to have the vision of our original charter members by providing an appealing place to worship.


One unique ministry of Flint Hill has been to produce men and women who enter full time Christian ministries.  The following names of those who are serving: Jerry Abbett, Dean Bolan, Ira Britton, Billy Wayne and Jenny Fuller, Mike Jackson, Joe Mallory, Lennox Mallory, Sue Parnell, Griff Pemberton, Ricky Talley, Jason Scott and Mike Wells.


Flint Hill continues to be a place that nurtures all people who seek the love of God in Jesus Christ.  Through wars, fires, depressions, good times and bad, the Holy Spirit has continues to work through and with this community of faith.